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Bakers Insurance Australia have invested heavily in comprehensive research to determine specifically what those of you in the baking industry need. Let’s face it, bakery businesses bring with them a unique set of challenges and require specific types of coverage that general ‘business packages’ don’t’ sufficiently cover.

Bakers Insurance Australia understands the equipment you use, the people you employ and the risks you are exposed to can’t be covered by a ‘one-size-fits-all’ insurance pack.

When looking for business insurance quotes, you can be certain that we tailor each policy to your business and your unique circumstances, whilst remembering you work in a industry which doesn’t allow down time from equipment failure or loss of staff or working areas damaged by things beyond your control.

Policy Types & Range Categories

Examples of Policy Packs:

  • Business Package Insurance – Covers your business for Property Damage, Theft, Glass, Machinery and Electronic Equipment Breakdown, Money, General Property, Employee Dishonesty, Business Interruption and Public and Products Liability.
  • Management Liability – Protects you as a Business owner for – Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practises Liability, Statutory Liability and Company Expenses.
  • ISR – Protection for large business with assets in excess of $5m
  • Private and Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance – Cover for your private and business vehicles.
  • Accident and Sickness – Covers you in the unfortunate circumstance that you are unable to work due to Accident or Sickness.
  • Corporate Travel Insurance – Offers worldwide coverage for you, family and staff travelling more than 50kms away from home.
  • Transit Cover
  • All personal insurance needs – Home and Contents, Cars, Boats, Caravans etc.


Our polices generally fall within 1 of the following 3 categories

  1. Business
  2. Personal
  3. Liability

Business – With any business you should aim to be covered with the right insurances. There are a lot of areas in the business that you may not even have thought of. We are committed to offering our clients the full range of services and products.

Personal – Sometimes, the business is just YOU. So, in order to protect your business and your livelyhood, you may require special coverage in the event you find yourself unable to perform the work required to keep your business going.

Liability – Sometimes, things are simply out of your control. You take the very best care with your staff, customers and equipment, however there are some things that are simply beyond your control, but can land you in hot water.

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